b-Green, b-Burnetie

In the 21st century, our awareness of environmental issues that affect the world in which we live high. Sadly, that still produces a number of harmful waste and is much larger than at any time in human history. It also causes extensive interest in finding ways to protect the environment and the future of our planet.

Products signs burnetii through friendly production process in regard to the environment, where they try to avoid the use of any chemicals, toxic methods and takes advantage of any residual materials to make new products so as to ensure that waste is reduced to an absolute minimum. This environmentally considerate production methods sneakers burnetii and commitment to customers to offer the most attractive prices, is what separates burnetii from other large, popular brands in the footwear industry.

Burnetii offers the best in comfort and are designed to provide support and flexibility in every situation.
Given that many of our customers use their sneakers also for sports purposes such as. Skateboarding, must also be durable and have a good grip soles for optimum comfort and performance. Other shoes lose a huge amount of material, and contribute to environmental pollution and the loss of toxic materials such as rubber and glue. Burnetii produces excellent shoes for avid skateboarders without by-product "environmental damage" but for "normal" prices. This goes for basically for every shoe in our collection until it became an obsession to protect the environment by reducing production waste products and to almost zero.

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