New store

Below you can see the gradual reconstruction of the sale is thematic commentary. All work associated with the renovation we did ourselves, so hopefully you will enjoy the ultimate interior ...

The new space, we took quite scruffy, dirty and generally in a terrible state. Large shop windows were plastered with advertising, the ceiling was hidden under the ceiling, walls painted blue and dirty carpet on the floor. We destroyed the ceiling (and leave only the structure) and paint it gray (original spatula we from time to time to reject).

After removing the boards that formed the ceiling stains are found after flooding the space above us and other surprises are still awaiting us ...

And more unpleasant surprise was not long in coming. After removing the old dirty blue carpet glue peered at us totally "dirty" tiles. One third of the floor outlets then form a slightly cracked concrete ... Due to time constraints, we can not completely reconstruct the floor (image is gray epoxy floor) and started a backup plan - clean tile and concrete part of a lick of paint rubber paint on the floor.

First job with the interior design and construction immediately give the space a completely different direction. The store has been receiving partitions and OSB panels divide space

The walls of the stores will be made ​​pallets, which will be used as holders for sneakers. Pallets effectively oath, not cleaned. Business is increasingly shaping up and we gradually adjust our ideas about the final appearance of the store. A distinctive feature of the entire countertop made ​​of OSB panels (panel surface will form a glass plate)

The first wall of pallets is essentially complete and we are testing the metal brackets of sneakers. Everything works as it should and thus to embark on other walls around the perimeter of the shop

So this was probably our biggest and worst surprises in the reconstruction of our new store. When adjusting the expenses we found after the removal of the ceiling, the ceiling next. Older ceiling is all wood and solid construction. So we Ostranili newer ceiling, but wooden, designers already do not want to remove. There is a risk that fell out a window display. Another nut is on the window stickers. Here we have found that there are three layers of stickers from the outer side costs (film, foil and other color). A single layer inside the window. To remove plastered and painted with expenses ultimately it was not enough and no sebesilnější remover, including thermal, chemical, etc.. Helped as well as covered with tiles only human effort and expenses in the event of a chisel! At the bottom of the pictures you can see the gradual scraping layers of paint

Although it was not originally planned, so we have to empty space between pallets and ceiling construction put OSB boards. The overall impression is very positive and this all-wood surface will still be used

The walls are already completed and supplemented OSB boards are filled snapbacks from Hater. Holders sneakers and boots ensure enough space for a wide range and choice of colors

Absolute finish outlets. Finished wall, ceiling design complemented by additional light

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